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Body: Over 8 years, Chappell Hill Moving & Storage’s professional moving services have satisfied many customers. If you’re looking for a mover in Chappell Hill, let these testimonials of past experiences point you to Chappell Hill Moving & Storage.

“We have moved many times across the country and have had both good and bad moves. We can say without hesitation that Chappell Hill Moving & Storage and especially Gary & Allyssa were by far one of the best care free moves we have had. Thank you for having such a great agent in our area.”
Courtnay S
“Gary & Allyssa, we want to drop a note to both of you and let you know your team is exemplary. They are courteous, efficient and a pleasure to work with. Alberto especially, bent over backwards to accommodate all of our requests and we couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks for a great move!”
Mark D
“Gary, I just heard from one of my Real Estate clients that I referred to you and she couldn’t stop raving about what a great job your crew did on her move. I have sent many customers your way and it seems that they are all very happy. I am glad we finally have a competent mover in our area.”
Kathy C
“We moved from Cypress, TX to Chappell Hill, TX two weeks ago. We ended up going with Chappell Hill Moving & Storage, mainly because they were a local business and because of Gary’s knowledge he displayed while giving us an estimate. The six guys Gary set were all top notch and busy as ants loading and unloading at our new location. We’ve relocated across the country three times on Corporate packages and once on our own. Chappell Hill Moving & Storage are at the top of the list when it comes to how they dealt with us and the crew they used for our move. I highly recommend Gary and his team at Chappell Hill Moving & Storage in Chappell Hill, TX.”
Roy Duke
“A couple of things that I couldn’t answer on the survey due to the nature of my move. First, I contracted with my move with Chappell Hill Moving in Chappell Hill, Texas. The person I actually dealt with from start to finish was Gary Elliston. Gary did an Excellent job managing and coordinating the move and I would highly recommend Gary and his company to anyone. The limited direct dealings that I had with Bekins have been positive as well, but Gary and Chappell Hill were the “face’ of Bekins for this move. Second, my move was over 44,000 lbs, so I filled two moving vans and had two drivers, Mike and Tony, both originating out of Texas. Mike was more of the lead driver as I believe he was the person who contracted for the crews that loaded in Houston, TX and unloaded in Park City, UT and the crews were very good. They were experienced, careful, polite and efficient. Mike understands how moving works and was helpful in advising me on areas where i had questions or needed extra help. Mike also did a very good job breaking down, dis-assembling and packing some complicated pieces of antique furniture for the move. The two areas of shortfall were on the unloading side at the destination. First, we only had four men on the first day and we needed a five to six man crew, which was corrected for the second and third days. Second, due to a health issue, Mike was unable to re-assemble one of the furniture pieces, which I will need to now have done on my own. However, I would still rate Mike highly based on his “ease of use”, knowledge, timeliness and attitude. Tony did a very good job and I would rate him very highly, but even though the drivers are independent, I think that Mike was more of the lead on this job. The other thing that I would say is that when I required a third day for the unloading crew, even though the second truck had left and needed to be gone (due to traffic mgt issues at my unloading site), Bekins did step up and reimburse me for what I needed to personally pay the unloading crew. This earns a very positive rating in my book from a do teh right thing and customer satisfaction point of view.”
Mr. Miller
These folks are awesome. They moved me in a much shorter time than I expected and were so very polite and cordial every step of the way. I would highly recommend them to anyone moving anywhere!  
Fredericka Richter DeBerry